Mestre curtis pierre

  Aka Mestre Curtis Pierre  
Mr. Curtis has a title that should be mentioned before his name: Mestre meaning – Master Teacher/Cultural Guardian, in this case, we’re speaking of Brasilian culture.
   This achievement cannot be obtained at any university in the world as a matter of fact Mestre Curtis has provided help or has been instrumental in providing information about Brazilian culture in New Orleans as it relationship to Carnival in New Orleans As well as how the Afro Brazilian martial art Capoeira is related to our Mardi Gras Indian culture and the second-line dancers of today.
       Mestre Curtis is classified as the only American who has reached a Master level in 2 Brazilian cultures meaning that he is the first person in this country to be recognized as a master of Capoeira the first original African martial art to leave Africa a master of Brazilian percussion and the first to bring Master Brasilian teachers to New Orleans in the early ’90s. This is known by only a handful of people in the United States. Mestre Curtis has dedicated his life to his African roots of culture which he found in Brazil 39 years ago. 
     Mestre Curtis has been on this dedicated path which he never changed its tradition and commitment to presenting authentic and traditional Afro-Brazilian culture to his community, the city, the state, and in this country. Our very own citizens and great musicians of this community support him and the beautiful programming work that he does with community children and adults. Mestre Curtis has been relentlessly on his Commitment for the past 30 years. He is directly involving himself with the community and the city. As a result, Mestre Curtis has piloted and started countless youth programs.
       His programs for children have been fully funded directly by him and his group Casa Samba Performances. 

Casa Samba was founded in 1987 at Tulane University by Mestre Mestre Curtis Pierre, Bill Lennon, Chuk, and Carolyn Barber. On July 21, 1993, Mayor Sidney Bartholomew proclaimed Casa Samba as the first samba school in New Orleans, one the premier cities of Carnival in the world. The group is directed by Mestre Curtis Pierre, and Brasilian master drummer, Mestre Jorge “Alabe” Bezerra. Born and raised in the carnival traditions of New Orleans for over 33 years, he has since 1979 studied Brasilian percussion with Airto Moreira Brasilian drummer for Miles Davis, and international touring percussionists like Bill Summers Percussionist for Herbie Hancock, Munyungo Jackson percussionist Stevie Wonder and Ron Powell percussionist for Sergio Mendez & Kenney G. and many more only to mention a few. 

      Mestre Curtis Pierre was the first person to bring Capoeira to New Orleans the Afro Brasilian martial arts Capoeira Angola has maintain Classes and for over 30 years to present, he was thought by     Mestre  Cobrinha Mansa of Salvador Bahia. Mestre Curtis published his first book on Capoeira Angola in 2017. “Capoeira Angola Movements”

   He has also published his first book Capoeira Angola Movements on the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. He has also been fortunate enough to teach classes in Brasil on both Samba and Capoeira.

    Since 1988 he has studied with many Masters of Samba percussion, who are known in Brasil as Mestre de Bateria (Maestro of the percussion band). He has studied at some of the top Samba Schools (car naval groups) In Brasil with Mestres like Mestre Marcoa of Salgueiro, Mestre Jonus of Mocidade, and Mestre Ailton of Manguera just a few of the on long list of the very best. He has studied exclusively with master Brasilian folkloric and percussionist Jorge Alabe from Rio de Janeiro in a self-supported residency endeavor for over 15 years. In the past 10 years, He has also studied with master percussionist Marcio Peters from the world-famous Brasilian Samba School Ile Aye in Salvador Bahia. 

     Mestre Curtis Paraded in the 2004 Rio de Janeiro carnival he paraded with the Samba School with Academicos do Salgueiro in the biggest carnival performance in the world. 

     In 2009 Mestre Curtis gave an instructional workshop to members of ILE AYE on Samba from Rio de Janeiro. And American teaching Brazilian culture in Brazil to a professional traditional Brazilian drumming Orchestra from ILE AYE.

      Since 1998, Mestre Curtis  Pierre “The Samba Man” has conducted his interactive Brasilian drumming programs at schools, museums, performing arts centers, workshops, conventions, festivals, and team-building events from California, Oregon, Washington & Washing D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, and internationally in Brasil, Mexico, Japan, and Korea. 


One of the widest-range Percussionists of all time.

Video and Movie Appearances


LA Movie-Interview with a Vampire” New Orleans, LA 1994 


Movie-“Angel Heart“-Drum Coordinator for Ritual Scene, 1988.

assistant coordinator for a traditional ritual scene of New Orleans Voodoo do scene


Video – Hall and Oates – Pandeiro Acrobatics, 1988

Special talent for the video


Publication Ad- Billboard Magazine- Voodoo Fest, 2012

The story about Cultural Artis from New Orleans



A live performance at the party


Movie – GET HARD – Kevin Hart Will Farrow 2016

Specialty talent for Capoeira Music and soundtrack recording for the film part I was featured in


News with a Twist Channel 26 News  Spotlight for a concert with Neguinho Da Beja Flor 2018

Samba singing living legend Neguinho da Baja Flor superstar of Brasil.

Mestre Curtis perfect has perform at the world’s leading school and festivals

Special Performances

Daniella Mercury –
Opening act at House of Blues 2020
Neguinho Da Beja Flora The most Famous Samba Singer in the World
N.O.R.D. Lyons Center 2018 Casa Samba Fundraiser concert
Sergio MendezHouston International Festival (2013, 2000)
National Republican Convention-Press Party, September 1988
Southern University in New Orleans, Spring Festival, April 1990
Loyola University, International Week Festival, April 1986-1997
Tulane University-Black Arts Festival, January 1990 Nichols State University February 1989
Xavier University-Cultural Explosion Week, March 1988, 1989 Art Of The Game ” Superbowl Party C.A.C. 1997, New Orleans, LA Gavin Music Convention (1997) New Orleans, LA
NFL Superbowl Parade (1997) New Orleans, LA
NFL Superbowl Media Party (1997) New Orleans, LA McDonald’s International Convention (1996) New Orleans, LA
Opening of African American Museum (1996) Gonzales, LA
Opening Act -Fairmont Hotel for Sergio Mendez (1995) New Orleans, LA Night in Rio (1995) White Springs, WV
Tulane for the New Century Gala Dinner (1994) New Orleans, LA Nominated- Best Latin GroupBig Easy Awards (1994) New Orleans, LA
Neo Hoodoo Festival of the Arts, Contemporary Arts Center (1994), New Orleans, LA Cast Party- “The Client” Movie (1993) New Orleans, LA
Fats Domino Show, Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Grand Opening, Aquarium of the New Orleans, LA
Aquarium of the Americas First Anniversary Celebration- New Orleans, LA
Grand Opening, New Orleans Convention 1987
Center Annex with Ronnie Cole 1988 New Orleans, LA
National Republican Convention- Press Party (1989)

Opening for Fats Domino, Convention Center, (1990) New Orleans, LA
Beach Boys, 1993 Endymion Extravaganza, Superdome New Orleans, LA
Flora Purim & Airto Moriera, Charlie B’s (1993) New Orleans, LA
Kenny Rogers, 1991 Endymion Extravaganza, Superdome, New Orleans, LA Temptations, 1989 Endymion Extravaganza, Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Irma Thomas– Opening Act-Nicholls State University (1989) Thibodeaux, LA
Kool and the Gang – Opening Act- Audubon Zoo (1988) New Orleans, LA
Miami Sound Machine- Opening Act -Hilton Hotel (1988) New Orleans, LA
King Sunny Ade, Opening Act-Tipitinias (1989) New Orleans, LA
Flora Purim & Airto Moriera, Opening -Tipitinias (1987) New Orleans, LA
Patato (Carlos) Valdez and Casa Samba- Storyville Jazz Hall (1989) New Orleans, LA 

Solo Performance Opening Acts for the following

Flora Purim and Airto, Tipitinias, 1988, 1989, 1990, New Orleans, LA Milton Nacimento, Tipitinias, April 1988 New Orleans, LA,
Steel Pulse, Tipitinias, September 1988, New Orleans, LA,
The Waillers, Tipitinias, October 1987 New Orleans, LA 

Festivals and Cultural Events

Houston International Festival (2013, 2000)
Voodoo Fest, New Orleans, LA (Oct. 2012) New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Kids Tent (1988- Present)
Festival Brasiliero, University of New Orleans (2012, 2010)
Tomato Festival (1993, 92, 91, 90- 2011)
Festival Latina, Audubon Zoo (2010)
Brazilian International Conference, Tulane University (2007)
Juneteeneth Day Festival (1998 -2008)
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival-Casa Samba  (88-00 06-08)
Festival International (1992, 1996, 2004)
Benin Voodoo Priest from Dahome Festival Sanger Theater, (1995)
Carnival Interamericano (Opening Act for Cecila Cruz) (1992,91) New Orleans, LA
Latino Festival Internationa l(Opening Act for Tito Puentes  Festival Latino, Audubon Zoo (1991,90)
French Quarter Festival, French Quarter (1989-91)
Live Arts Festival, Contemporary Art Center
Brazilian Night- LSU Auditorium (95)
Southern University of New Orleans-(95, 98, 2000-02) New Orleans, LA
Loyola University – International Week (90-02) New Orleans, LA
Tulane University – International Week (90-99 07-11) Southern University– International Week (94, New Orleans, LA
Xavier University– Cultural Explosion Week (94) New Orleans, LA
Delgado College– International Week New Orleans, LA

Mardi Gras Parades and Performances 

Endymion Parade and Coronation (1989-99)
Zulu Coronation & Ball (1994-Present) New Orleans, LA
Mayor’s Official Mardi Gras Ball (1989-99) New Orleans, LA
Jax Brewery Lundi Gras Celebration (1994-97) New Orleans, LA
Arrival of the Zulu King (1994, 95, 96) New Orleans, LA
Endymion- Samedi Gras Celebration featuring (98 &99) New Orleans, LA Endymion Parade and Coronation (1989-99)
Neville Brothers, Lundi Gras, Spanish Plaza (1987-90) New Orleans, LA
Dr. John, Lundi Gras, Spanish Plaza (1992)
Official Opening Ceremony for Mardi Gras New Orleans, LA
Krewe of Ecor Rouge Parade and Coronation (1994-96) Fairhope, AL
Krewe of Mardi Gras Ball (1995) Lake Charles, LA
Jazz Fest 25th Anniversary International Parade 1994,1996, New Orleans, LA Mona Lisa and Moon Pie Parade, Slidell, LA (1992, 1993) Slidell, LA
PASEO- Carnival Miami (Parade) 1992, Miami, FL
Krewe of Zulu Parade (1987-89) Orleans, LA
Vieux Carre Parade (1987-98) New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Saints- Pre Game Show, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans,LA Superbowl ’89- Denver Bronco’s Parade, New Orleans, LA
Italian American Parade, French Quarter New Orleans, LA
Hispanic Festival Parade (4 consecutive years) New Orleans, LA
Krewe of Tucks Parade (1986-88) New Orleans, LA 

Master Drummers performed and/or studied with: 

Studying with Master drummer Jorge “Alabe” Bezerra of Brasil traditional Afro-Brazilian cultural music formally with ”OBA OBA” international Brazilian tour group March -1995- Present
Studying with master drummer- Marcio Peeter of Ile Aiye Bloco in Salvador Bahia, Brasil Studying with Master Capoeirista Mestre Cobra Mansa, the art and music of Capoeira Angola June-1994-Present
Yvette  – Candomble Priestess of Terriero (House) of Salgueiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 1990-91
Airto Moreira,- renown Brazilian percussionist
Bill Summers– percussionist with Herbie Hancock
Billy Higgins – renown jazz drummer
Tootie Heath of the Heath Brothers
Monyundo Jackson – Percussionist for Pointer Sisters, Stevie Wonder-   Roy Brooks – Aborigine’s percussion choir
Ron Powell– percussionist for Sergio Mendez, Kenny G.
Kwasi Badu– master African drummer from Ghana
Babatunde Olatunji– master African drummer from Nigeria
Ali Camara– master drummer from Senegal
Jose Lorenzo– master Brazilian dancer and percussionist , director of Batucaje Carlos “Patato” Valdez– master Cuban drummer
Lazaro Gularogra – Master Bata Drummer from Cuba

Harold Lott – Conguiro from Los Angelas, Calf. my first official conga teacher.

Lazaro Franco– Samba drummer for Salgueiro Samba School- Rio de Janeiro Gustavo and Guilherme Twin Directors The “Bateria” for Salgueiro Samba School- Rio de Janeiro 

Has performed with the following groups or bands: 

Casa Samba, Inc.-Founder/Director of the first samba school of New Orleans Jan.1986- Present
Airto Moreira and Flora Purim Apollo theater 1978
Miami Escola de Samba – Nike Tour in Japan and Korea, August 1997 Mask Dance Voodoo Theater –Founder June 1994- Present 

Founder New Orleans Drumming Association (NODA), New Orleans, LA., January 1991- Present
Member of Kumbuka African Dance Collective, New Orleans, LA.,1986-90
Member of Percussion Inc., New Orleans, LA., 1986-90
Founder of Apito and Friends, Los Angeles, CA. January 1983-86
Member of Embra Samba, Los Angeles, CA. July 1983-Sept. 85
Member of Orixas Dance Theater, Los Angeles, CA. Dec. 1982- Dec. 1985 Member of Morinimba West African Dance Troupe, June 1982-Sept. 1984 


Artist in Residence, Young Audience, New Orleans, LA 1988- Present
Founder of a one-man Brazilian Performance samba show and musical instrument demonstrations to elementary, middle, and secondary school and college students in the greater New Orleans and surrounding river parishes areas and cities.

Curtis Pierre – (Mestre Curtis) 1555 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 236-7479