"WORLD OF PERCUSSION" Program Description 

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"WORLD OF PERCUSSION" Program Description 

Program Description

Throughout the ages, music and rhythmic sounds have been a binding agent of all people. Today, teams catch the rhythm and carry the beat with music, a fun, innovative team experience that strikes a chord with everyone. Absolutely no musical experience is required to participate. The “World of Percussion” program with a wide range of simple drums and percussion instruments will transform students into musical artists with a powerful message.

 THE WORLD OF PERCUSSION program is also designed to enhance cultural awareness. This program is designed for mostly K through 8-grade students but can be customized for any age level. The program starts with a simple short explanation about exactly what is percussion and how it works. After a short demo/performance of some of a few basic percussion instruments.
       After the percussion demo about 25 or more students from the audience will be selected to come on stage to play various percussion instruments of their choice. The participants are directed to play some simple rhythms as a group. Once the participants get the concept of playing as a group then we can start some Positive Rhythm Chants. Positive Rhythm Chants are nothing more than getting the participants to say positive things in a rhythmic manner and can be customized to fit your event.

These are some examples of Positive Rhythm Chants Grades K-8th grade

1.) Respect for you – respect me – respect all – in the community

2.) Get full of it – get – full of it –
     be respectful – that’s beautiful
     be thankful – that’s beautiful
     be thoughtful – that’s beautiful
     be helpful – that’s beautiful
     be joyful – that’s beautiful
     be useful – that’s beautiful

With these creative chants I have developed a way to build character, self-esteem and generate positive thoughts all at the same time while having a fun and very unique experience playing percussion. In this program the groups of 25 or more participants can be rotated until the complete audience has experienced the program. It is very important to customize the program to the correct age group, so everyone can be engaged clearly. 

This program by Curtis Pierre is engaging and exciting from start to finish. It will enhance your student’s ability to work effectively as a team, build self-esteem, break down barriers and improve team spirit. This program will show students how to work together as a group and how individuals can work together produce music with various percussion instruments. A musical experience for everyone. Now think of having an event that will build a sense of accomplishment, and more importantly building unity in the community, yes experience all of this while having fun at the same time.

Also “Making Math with Drums” is another item that can be customized for this program for classroom use only.